Q. Why aren't any dresses my size?
A. For the past few years I've been a seamstress nomad... Is that a thing? Therefore the dresses are the size of the only dress form I had (me). I now only make coats and those can be made to measure for XXS to XXL.

Q. Can I special order a dress?
A. Special order dresses are no longer available. I do made-to-measure coats. I will email you instructions on how to measure for the coat once you place an order.

Q. Are these dresses ethically made?
A. I try my best to use ethically-sourced fabrics. However, it is nearly impossible to get small-batch, ethical fabrics. For this reason, in the future I won't be doing unique, one-of-a-kind dresses anymore since minimum fabric orders are usually 50 yards. I do use vintage trims and zippers whenever possible. I have found the vintage thread and fabric is often dry-rotted and not reliable.

Q. If I order the bridal coat, can I choose a different color?
A. Yes, if there's a wool fabric you find and like, I can make it out of whatever color you choose. Keep in mind the price may change depending on what you choose.

Q. Can you alter the dress I buy?
A. I am unable to alter any dresses. However, most of my dresses are easily altered for any experienced seamstress. Feel free to ask if you wish to alter the dress you purchase.

Q. Who makes the dresses?
A. I have made every dress on my website.

Q. Do you ship internationally?
A. Yes. If you live outside the US please contact me at CarmellaDiMella@gmail.com for details.