The idea for bridal coats was born in rural France in a tiny stone cottage. I had just finished making a vintage-inspired floor-length coat that was keeping me warm as I visited the region of 1001 castles.

 A few months prior I had gone to see the Dior exhibit in Paris and fell in love with his formal coat collection. Thinking about how I had struggled to decide what to wear over my silk dress to go out New Year's Eve and then realizing how limited women are in choices for winter wedding attire, I decided to focus on brides.

This wedding purchase is not a single-use item. It makes sense to keep this coat and wear it for years after the wedding day. Eco-conscious brides can be sure that this coat is sustainable and ethically made. They're lined with a heavy sateen. 

If the bride wishes she can shorten the coat after the wedding. However, pairing it with jeans and heels or saving it for formal occasions is a great option.