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My story starts with my great grandmother who came to the US from Italy. She was a wedding dress maker. To honor her, I named my brand after her. She taught her daughters to sew. Then my grandmother, Ann, taught my mom to sew. I remember looking forward to going to the fabric store with my mom Sunday after church. I begged my mom to teach me and finally when I was 8 she helped me sew my own dress. 

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Following patterns never seemed to work for me. By 13 I was designing my own patterns. At 18 I was designing costumes at Kennedy Space Center. I have always loved sewing dresses and vintage style. It seemed only natural to launch my brand in 2016. Ever since, I have enjoyed dressing up my clients in quality, flattering creations that I know they will enjoy and wear proudly for many years.


When a woman wears one of my dresses, coats or aprons, my hope is that she feels feminine, beautiful and comfortable. I'm constantly thinking of how I can make my products more ethical. While I know it's difficult to compete with mass-produced fast fashion, I have a different customer. She appreciates wearing something unique. She cares about who made what she buys. Those are my people. I'm thankful every time I see an Instagram post with a lady wearing her Carmella DiMella dress.

I look forward to what comes next... 

With Love, 


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